Safe Books is our answer to an age-old question. How can bookkeeping be made simple?

It all started with a conversation between us and a client of ours; an accountant. Frustrated with the inefficiencies of bookkeeping for his clients, he needed a way to simplify the entire process. We listened to his problems, did the research, and created a solution. That solution is Safe Books.

The Story of Safe Books

In its most basic form, Safe Books needed to manage complex accountancy figures. But of course, the buck didn’t stop there. In fact, we had a long list of must-have requirements to create the best bookkeeping software out there.

To start, it needed to be easy to use – both for professional accountants and the average business owner. This was no mean task; requiring huge amounts of research. Working with our client, we picked apart the bookkeeping process and set about putting it back together again. And so the core aim of Safe Books was born; simple, intuitive bookkeeping for all.

Next, we had to tailor our software to UK businesses. Too many bookkeeping tools try to cater for the entire world – a classic case of ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. Safe Books had to be different. We researched the UK system inside and out, matching our software to the exact requirements placed on British businesses.

And so Safe Books found its niche.

We then needed to work on the practicalities. Safe Books needed to help our accountant client – and others like him – to manage their bookkeeping needs without any hassle. So we filled it with handy features – including bank statement uploads, filing of quarterly VAT returns and a simple “at-a-glance” financial summary. Then we used the latest cloud-based technologies – so Safe Books can be securely accessed from anywhere.

And last but not least, the final test. Clients had to actually want to use it. And when you’re talking about bookkeeping software, that’s no easy task. So we took real users, and asked them to check it was simple, usable, and useful in a business environment. The feedback we received was a resounding yes!

At last, Safe Books was ready to be launched. Designed by Accountants and created especially for UK businesses, Safe Books caters for your exact needs. No guesswork from developers. No speculation from so-called experts. Safe Books is functional, usable and relevant bookkeeping software at its finest.