We are proud of Safe Books. It’s a powerful, intuitive tool to simplify the bookkeeping process. But don’t take our word for it – read what our clients have to say! From accountants to business owners, here’s how Safe Books benefits real people, just like you.

Matthew Durrant

“We chose to use Safe Books after testing seven different online Accountancy products. Our company philosophy has always been ’the relationship with our clients is more important than anything else‘. Safe Books adds another dimension to that relationship, we could not have achieved otherwise.

Now, when we speak to clients, we have real-time information in front of us. We no longer have to use a spreadsheet and hope the client has completed it correctly. Our feedback from clients has been incredibly positive across the board – even from clients that have used other online software packages in the past.”

Matthew DurrantForbes Young
Martin Pittilo

“Safebooks has reduced the burden of book keeping quite dramatically for me. By taking the transactions directly from the bank statement and making matching them to invoices and expense categories easy it simplifies the process and reduces the errors inherent in re-keying. The home page view of the accounts is invaluable. I would struggle to going back to doing book keeping any other way.”

Martin PittiloMaple Marine Ltd
Jeremy Posner

“Safebooks provides me with access to my financial position from anywhere. It saves me time each month as items are auto-categorised when imported from my bank statement downloads. 5 stars!”

Jeremy Posner